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Robert Felps

Third Rock, Inc.
Robert Felps is about taking the complex and making it simple.  He has spent his career taking overwhelming, difficult problems and providing straightforward solutions that will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

Using vision, curiosity, and humor, he has saved Fortune 50 companies millions. He focuses on simplifying and automating, creating next generation applications that save time, effort and money. He speaks “tech”, having authored the book, Illustrated UNIX® System V/BSD and has successfully created practical business tools, including innovative cyber security guides, intuitive disaster recovery diagrams, ready to use contingency plans and a cyber-security matrix for clients of all sizes.

Robert is fueled by passion to make a difference. As CEO of Third Rock, a cyber risk management firm, his goal is for companies to become cyber confident by simplifying cyber risk to fight the biggest threat facing every US company. A well-known expert, he has spoken nationally on his unique approach to cyber security and cyber risk.

In his spare time, Robert enjoys playing with heavy equipment (sometime referred to as toys by his wife) on his ranch in Texas.