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Rachelle Oribio

VP of Innovation

has worked with hundreds of corporate innovators and venture-backed founders while espousing the belief that innovation exists to create positive impact in the lives of people across the world. This view point stems from having taught entrepreneurship in incubators in NYC and a former narcotraffic region of the Peruvian Amazon to founders who had previously been incarcerated or were impoverished, respectively. She is the VP of Innovation at NFP, working to grow a culture that engages all employees to rethink the way we do business and develop new ways of working. This role includes building out products, an innovation ecosystem, and mutually beneficial engagements with startups in fintech, hrtech, insurtech, and healthtech. Rachelle is also the CEO & Founder of ValorUp, an executive leadership coaching & training firm focused on inclusive innovation. Formerly a Techstars Director, she pioneered business development partnership programs to help startups navigate the heavily regulated industries of healthcare & US government. As a founding member of the Techstars Product Team, Rachelle built programs around corporate innovation & startup collaboration. This work heavily leverages her former lives as a management consultant with an IESE MBA and systems engineer and enterprise architect with a Top Secret security clearance. Rachelle is an angel, serves on boards, and is an active mentor in the startup community. #utprosim #givefirst #peoplefirst