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Lav Chintapalli

Pathway Power & Women Leaders Rising
Living at the intersection of Leadership, Tech, Community & Consciousness, Lav Chintapalli is a Leadership Coach & Strategist bringing over 20 years of experience in organizational design and talent development. Through her company Pathway Power (www.pathwaypower.com), Lav coaches leaders and builds turnkey leadership programs for Fortune 500 companies, as well as Startups. An International Speaker and Thought Leader, Lav has taught leadership seminars all across the country including academia and her work is published in technical and literary journals. 
Lav also founded Women Leaders Rising (www.womenleadersrising.com), where with her expertise of Leadership Development she helps women gain visibility, regain confidence and overcome imposter syndrome, so they can increase their power of influence and achieve career success! Her program, ‘Dare To Rise’ specifically helps women who have experienced workplace bullying, gender bias or sexual harassment, Once a Geneticist, a Programmer, and a meditation teacher, Lav brings a vast understanding of disciplines to her passion for developing heart-centered and powerful leaders.