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Glenn Wintrich

RDM Innovation Training
Co-Founder and Principal Consultant
Glenn is the co-founder and principal consultant at RDM Innovation Training, a training and consulting company focused on the practical application of leading innovation practices to drive organizational improvement and competitive differentiation. He previously served as a Principal Innovation Consultant at Dell where he reported to the Chief Innovation Officer for Dell. In that role, Glenn was an innovation subject matter expert that provided global training and consulting to internal teams and customers on how to drive business outcomes through effective innovation.

Glenn is currently a leader for the Business and Industry Leadership Team, representing 70 colleges across the United States, that drives the development of technology curriculum. He is also on the Board of Directors and is the “Futurist in Residence” for InterLink, a non-profit organization with the goal of matching high school and college educations to meet the market demand for job-ready employees.

Glenn recently co-authored the books “Applied Innovation: The Field Guide” and “NextGen Smart Cities” and is an acknowledged contributor to the book “Business Innovation in the Cloud.” He holds an MBA from Wright State University and a Graduate Marketing Certificate from Southern Methodist University.